Frame Decorating

Decorating picture frames with buttons is a good way to get an attractive and unique look that will accent the photo or print that you place in the frame. There are many different techniques you can use to achieve either a casual and fun look, or even an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Ribbons and Buttons
Ribbons and buttons look great together and can be used to great advantage when decorating picture frames. Try covering the front surface of the frame with one or several coordinating colors of ribbon, varying the thickness and ribbon materials to add extra interest. Then using craft glue, attach buttons that either match or coordinate with the ribbon colors. You can use only a few buttons as an accent for the corners of the frame or cover the entire frame surface with buttons.

Floral Button Patterns
The overall round shape of most buttons lends them to floral patterns. Using small round buttons, glue one to the frame as the flower’s center, then use coordinating small round buttons to add the petals around the center button. Repeat around the frame as desired, varying the color and size of the button flowers if desired. This look can be effective when only one or two button flowers are added to a frame or add a bunch of them for a more overall look.

Choose Buttons that Accent the Photo
You can pick up on detailing from the photo itself when decorating a frame with buttons. For instance, for wedding photos, or perhaps formal prom photos, use pearl or rhinestone buttons that match the jewelry the photo subject is wearing. This can create a very elegant and eye-catching look which will display the photo to its best advantage.

Using Alphabet Buttons
Specialty buttons in the shape of alphabets can be used to decorate picture frames, using them to spell out the name of the person in the photo, or to add overall words such as “Vacation” or “Family.” Alphabet buttons are available in a variety of colors, style, and sizes, so you should be able to find some to match your frame and photos.

Decorating Baby Photo Frames
If you have baby photos to display, you can use specialty baby buttons in shapes such as diaper pins, storks, and other cute shapes to add personality. Select pink buttons for girls, or blue buttons for boys for a cute touch, or spell the baby’s name out with alphabet buttons. You can also cover the frame first with a coordinating fabric or ribbon to add even more style to the frame before adding the buttons.

Button-Encrusted Frames
One dramatic way of decorating a frame with buttons is to use them to totally cover every inch of the frame. Using a variety of sizes and styles of buttons, use craft glue to cover the entire frame. Start by attaching flat style buttons to the frame, adding rounded buttons and small seed buttons to fill in every little bit of space. You can use buttons of one color for a more formal look, such as using all pearl finished buttons, or use a wide variety of colors for a fun look.

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